My Matrix Dream

My Matrix Dream

May 23, 2023

I had this uncanny, surreal dream last night that was way too close to reality for comfort…

I was in line for a funhouse at an amusement park. It had a reputation for being challenging and disturbing, and I was morbidly curious about it. When I entered, I saw a winding hallway full of cubicles. Everything was painted white and the fluorescent lights caused it to be blindingly painful to look around. People were periodically running past me to escape out the entrance. They acted like I was invisible; they were concentrating on the goal of escaping. 

In the cubicles were everyday items on desks and shelves. The items weren’t interesting, but people were holding them and manipulating them like they were fascinating. Everyone who held an item was consumed by the examination of it, and I knew they were not interested in anything else on the planet. It was their sole focus.

Eventually, I entered a large room full of people, bookshelves, desks, and items. It was two stories tall. There was an open loft above with additional items on display. The room was teeming with people. I followed a winding staircase to the loft. There I picked up an item (I can’t remember what!), mostly because I wanted to know why such uninteresting things became enthralling once someone picked them up. Immediately I was transported into a different dimension.

I was now an older, overweight, unappealing woman with hardly any self-esteem. I was in a beautiful park that was more beautiful than real life would be. It was designed to keep me interested in the illusion, which I knew at some level, but didn’t know consciously. I was surrounded by the people in my life, but I knew they were not real people. They were demons disguised as people. We were having a picnic under a great tree, seated on spread-out blankets. One of the demons was setting us up for taking pictures.

My life in this illusion was dull, a dullness that was almost repulsive, but not quite. It was a low-key hell that could be tolerated as long as you didn’t think too hard. I decided to change the dullness a bit and told the demon next to me, a middle-aged man with a flat face, that we should start dating next. That should be the next stage of the uninteresting story we were creating.

This concerned the demons creating my illusion because it meant I knew at some level this was all a farce. I overheard them discussing what to do about me inserting my will into the story for the first time. Even though they were discussing this on a spiritual plane just outside the contrived story, I could hear them. I was waking up enough to hear other dimensions.

I got up and ran into the nearby suburbs because I was trying to get out. As I ran, I suddenly had my body from when I was a teenager in this life, complete with the crazy 80s hair. I entered a house and went into the basement. 

In the basement was a man at a desk entering numbers into a computer database. He looked like a version of Bruce Willis who hadn’t slept in days. Dark circles ringed his eyes. He glanced up but looked right past me to the demon who was trailing me. I looked behind me at the demon, who appeared to be a young, tall, slim man with blond hair, blue eyes, and a sharp jawline. I realized suddenly that this demon had been following me since I entered the funhouse.

The man at the desk thought the demon was his boss. He had been printing a spreadsheet of numbers when we entered. He was excited to show it to his boss. Standing up, he went for the sheet coming out of the printer.

I intercepted him and grabbed his shoulders, yelling, “You did it! That is the last spreadsheet you needed to succeed! You never have to enter numbers again!” This got him to notice me, but he didn’t believe a word of it. He was pretty sure he had more numbers to do. He looked at me like I was insane.

I said, “You remember when you entered the funhouse, right?” A glimmer of recognition past through his eyes. “The way out is to run for the door! Keep running until you reach the door! Don’t look back!!” He took off out of the house.

The demon behind me was looking at me like I was an annoyance. I patted him on the chest, almost affectionately, like a worthy opponent I had bested. I told him as I woke up, “I will find a way to break the system!! They will all be free!!” And then I was awake.

I found out they are not demons, but they are a race of entities who have enslaved us for eons. So many of us are waking up that they are losing control. That is the reason for the stark contrast between the dark and the light nowadays. It's a war. 

But they still have a lot of power yet. If you feel it deep down, if you know what I am saying is true at some level, you are ready for the red pill.

I’ve not figured out how to break the system, but I can red-pill you. Set up an appointment with me today.