Removing Energetic Blocks

Removing Energetic Blocks

May 10, 2023

The three tools used for practicing magic are will, faith, and action. An energetic block is a belief in a lie, so it is faith in falsehood. Therefore it uses the tool of faith in an inadequate or incorrect way. If you halfway believe something can be done, but a part of you does not, it will render your spell ineffective or make it completely a dud. However, because these blocks can come from indoctrination or trauma we’ve received in the distant past, sometimes even in another lifetime, we are often unaware of what they are.

When we experience and accept indoctrination in a belief or belief system, this begins to create how we experience reality. It forms our perception. Perception is everything. It is like wearing colored lenses that convince us everything is a certain color, and leaving them on so long that we forget other colors exist, or that the lenses themselves exist. 

In time, we begin to feel all is well as long as our lenses are on, but someone who suggests we remove the lenses feels like an existential threat. We are not sure we’d be safe, or even survive, their removal. This is why people vehemently and fanatically defend belief systems, even when logic and reason show clearly they are false. They are uninterested in the truth. They just want to protect their psyche from collapse.

Beliefs are also formed from trauma. Experience is our most valuable teacher, but that doesn’t guarantee we will always understand the lesson correctly. For instance, if a horrible experience causes a child to decide the world is a hostile place, then they have drawn an overgeneralized conclusion. However, this will color all of reality from then on. They will be attracted to and note everything in their environment which confirms this belief. And their life will be a miserable one if they do not find a way back to the truth.

How do we uncover these beliefs, deal with the fallout from them, and instill the truth? It depends on the energy wrapped up in the belief. If we have not attached emotional trauma to the belief, the practice of Truth Cycles will cure or advance us quickly. If there is trauma to heal, the truth needs to be accompanied by a safe space and a witness to process the emotions involved. 

Removing Blocks with Truth Cycles

Have you ever noticed that you learn certain truths over and over again? Like they keep coming around to remind you they are there, but never take up residence, and you soon forget again about them? That is because you are between the two extremes of the truth fully integrated and believing the opposite. You’ve not really decided on one or the other.

Every truth is located within your energy field because you are everything and everything is you. Therefore, using that fact, we can undo many falsehoods. The meditation that follows is used to locate within your field where a certain truth is located and unblock it so it permeates the whole system, dissolving away any falsehoods that otherwise used to have a hold. 

Before beginning, have in mind a few truths that you know you struggle with, but feel no emotional charge about. Some example truths are as follows: 

  1. I am worthy, enough, and lovable

  2. I belong and I am irreplaceable

  3. I can clear all trauma, karma, or blocks 

  4. I can achieve soul sovereignty in this lifetime

  5. I am the Divine

  6. I am innately good and perfect

  7. I am debt free or forgiven

  8. I can rest

  9. I am peace, joy, love, harmony, truth, etc.

  10. I have many gifts and they are opening at the exact right time

  11. I have a purpose and I am fulfilling it perfectly

  12. The entire Universe loves and supports me

  13. I am abundance, or I am the same vibration as money

  14. Money is a very high-vibration energy, or money is good

  15. Where I focus, prosperity flows

  16. What I want happens at the exact right time

  17. I am safe so I can trust

Begin by setting a liminal space and getting on your energetic axis. Think of the truth you wish to incorporate. A pinpoint in your field somewhere will resonate with it, like a “yes, that’s true” feeling. It could be anywhere, like in your head, shoulder, or foot, floating within you, or just outside the body in your energy field. 

Imagine that the pinpoint has a cyclone coming up from it. Imagine you are floating above the cyclone and can see down into its eye. Follow the eye all the way down the cyclone, until you touch the spot on the ground where the truth originates from. When you touch it, like the snap of your fingers, the cyclone will disperse, and you will feel the truth expand to include the rest of your energy field. As it expands, its light dissolves away the darkness of any contrary lie. Give yourself a few moments to integrate the truth fully. Then you can repeat the practice with a new truth.

If you feel that you have an emotional rejection of a truth, or have trouble finding the truth within your system, break the harder-to-fathom truths into stepping stones. Stairstep your way up to the greater truth. For instance, the truth “I am the Divine” is a big leap for many. Start with the truth, “I came from the Divine,” and move to, “I am the Divine having a human experience,” to “Part of me is the Divine fully awake,” to “I am the Divine.” 

Removing Emotionally Charged Blocks

“That which we need the most will be found where we least want to look.” ~ Carl Jung.

Blocks caused by trauma are a whole other beast. Truth is not enough to dispel them simply because the soul wants someone to hear, feel, and understand fully what they’ve been through. In this case, shadow work is what is needed. 

Carl Jung is the famous psychologist who coined the term, “shadow”. By shadow, he meant those parts of us which have experienced trauma and are buried deep within us. We don’t want to explore them because to do so would be painful. However, the lies tied up with them have a way of making our lives more and more miserable.

If we do dare to face the shadow, we find wisdom, power, light, and love on the other side of the healing. The pain is worth it. However, convincing someone who has never undergone this kind of healing to begin it is often challenging. They have to see the value, which often doesn’t happen until trying to ignore that part of them becomes so painful that they feel they’ve had enough.

It cannot be understated how important shadow work is to achieving enlightenment, practicing witchcraft in the light, and being an effective healer in helping elevate the planet. If you will not do your own difficult work, you will be blocked after progressing so far. 

The shadow work methods I recommend include plant medicines, hypnosis, avatar integration, past life regression, and somatic healing. These are the ones I have direct experience with so I can speak to their efficacy. Read How to Begin Your Shadow Work for more details.

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita