Resources for the Blossoming Witch

Resources for the Blossoming Witch

May 6, 2023

YouTube Channels

Steve Nobel

My gratitude to Steve Nobel is enormous. He set me on my path. Without his channel, I never would have gone to Ayahuasca, received my gifts, done my shadow work, received realization after realization, or become the witch I am today.

The guided visualizations of Steve Nobel’s YouTube channel helped me to realize that I can feel spirits enter the room and recognize which ones by how they feel. He introduces each meditation by inviting in the six archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, and Sandalphon. I used to listen to one of them a day. Eventually, I could feel the difference between the energies of the different angels, which came across as a reflection of their personalities. 

Also, through the visualizations, I began to see that I was being given information. At first, I naturally thought I was imagining everything. I thought it was like daydreaming. Eventually, it became clear the information was of such depth or so far out from what I could conceive that I had to admit I couldn’t have made it up. The spirits I was feeling interact with me were dropping information into my field and I was picking it up and interpreting it as pictures.

OmNna Sanctuary Natalie Glasson

Natalie is pure gold. Her downloads are of the highest vibration and the information is very accurate. The initiations and activations she does can create quite a shift in the body, so I recommend giving yourself enough time between listening to them to integrate them fully. Otherwise, the physical body will get exhausted. Many amazing leaps forward in my vibration were thanks to her channeled activations.

Consciousness Evolution Journey

This is a tarot and oracle card channel, and the reader is extremely accurate. Some days her readings seem like they are talking straight to me. There are a lot of readers out there, but my guides have hardly ever said they are of the highest good for me. With her readings, they prompt me to listen time and again. 

Metatron Is Speaking

Jennifer is an excellent channeler and interacts with high-vibration guides, most notably Metratron. I listen to nearly every video she puts out. Her messages are generally geared towards the collective. They are affirming, encouraging, and satisfying because they verify for me that I am not the only one receiving these universal truths and undergoing such a huge spiritual transformation. She is great for beginners, as well, because she goes over basic concepts. 

The Alchemist

Sarah Elkhaldy puts out videos of excellence. Her explanations put words to experiences and shifts I had otherwise had no idea how to describe. She is well-versed in the teachings of metaphysics and esotericism. The channel is a deep dive for the logical brain into a world that is hard for it to fathom, but that it longs to make sense of. Since I have an insatiable appetite for exploring and understanding the cosmos, I find her channel indispensable.

Astrology Channels

For technical and in-depth Hellenistic Astrology, I recommend The Astrology Podcast. For a combination of intuitive and technical, the best is Adam Elenbaas. For absolutely magical astrology, go to L Natale. 

Schools & Teachers

Dolores Cannon, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon is one of the most famous multi-dimensional detectives out there. Through her hypnosis work, she connected thousands with their past lives and their superconscious, facilitating countless miraculous healings. During her sessions, she learned about the afterlife, alien species, other dimensions, and the plans being carried out for the elevation of Earth. Her information is captured in the fourteen books she wrote. I am trained in QHHT and currently I am an intern logging my hours so I can become an official practitioner. 

Delphi University

When I first started having spirits visit me outside of the context of plant medicine ceremony, I was so excited, fascinated, and enthralled. But I also wanted to make sure I protected myself. I enrolled in Delphi University’s In-Depth Channeling Course so that I could ground myself firmly in Divine Love energy and protect myself as I channeled. Their course was excellent and I use the training every day.

Abraham Hicks

Ester Hicks channels a group of spirits named “Abraham”. She has been doing it since 1985 and the messages are all very poignant and powerful. Several YouTube channels feature her many talks. Her main emphasis is manifestation, or how to attract to you everything you want.