The Sabian Symbols Index

The Sabian Symbols Index

Oct 3, 2023

The following is a complete list of each Sabian Symbol. The interpretations made of them over the years are many and varied, and several books have been based on them.

In my practice, I take into consideration the symbol, planet, house, constellation, and aspects before interpreting, and as always, I accomplish this while channeling so I can interpret it correctly. If you would like a Sabian astrology reading, either to understand in depth your own birth chart or to help you with transits or horoscopes, please schedule a session with me here.

To understand what the Sabian Symbols are and why they are important, please see my video: What are the Sabian Symbols?


1° A Woman Rises Out Of The Sea, A Seal Rises To Embrace Her

2° A Comedian Entertaining A Group

3° A Cameo Profile Of A Man In The Outline Of His Own Country

4° Two Lovers Strolling Through A Secluded Walk

5° A Triangle With Wings

6° A Square Brightly Lit On One Side

7° A Man Successfully Expressing Himself In Two Realms At Once

8° A Large Hat With Streamers Flying, Facing East

9° A Crystal Gazer

10° A Man Teaching New Forms For Old Symbols

11° The President Of The Country

12° A Flock Of Wild Geese

13° An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion

14° A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman

15° An Indian Weaving A Blanket

16° Devas Dancing In The Setting Sun

17° Two Prim Spinsters

18° An Empty Hammock

19° A Magic Carpet

20° A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter

21° A Boxer Entering The Ring

22° The Gate To The Garden Of Desire

23° A Woman In Pastel Colors Carrying A Heavy And Valuable But Veiled Load

24° An Open Window And A Net Curtain Blowing Into A Cornucopia

25° A Double Promise

26° A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold

27° A Lost Opportunity Regained In The Imagination

28° A Large Disappointed Audience

29° A Celestial Choir Singing

30° A Duck Pond And Its Brood 


1° A Clear Mountain Stream

2° An Electrical Storm

3° Steps Up To A Lawn Blooming In Clover

4° The Rainbow’s Pot Of Gold

5° A Widow At An Open Grave

6° A Bridge Being Built Across A Gorge

7° A Woman Of Samaria

8° A Sleigh Without Snow

9° A Christmas Tree Decorated

10° A Red Cross Nurse

11° A Woman Sprinkling Flowers

12° Window Shoppers

13° A Man Handling Baggage

14° Shellfish Groping And Children Playing

15° A Man Muffled Up With A Rakish Silk Hat

16° An Old Man Attempting Vainly To Reveal The Mysteries

17° A Battle Between Swords And Torches

18° A Woman Holding A Bag Out Of A Window

19° A Newly Formed Continent

20° Wind, Clouds, And Haste

21° A Finger Pointing In An Open Book

22° White Dove Over Troubled Waters

23° A Jewelry Shop

24° A Mounted Indian With Scalp Locks

25° A Large Well-Kept Public Park

26° A Spaniard Serenading His Señorita

27° A Squaw Selling Beads

28° A Woman Pursued By Mature Romance

29° Two Cobblers Working At A Table

30° A Peacock Parading On An Ancient Lawn


1° A Glass-Bottomed Boat In Still Water

2° Santa Claus Filling Stockings Furtively

3° The Garden Of The Tuileries

4° Holly And Mistletoe

5° A Radical Magazine

6° Drilling For Oil

7° An Old-Fashioned Well

8° An Industrial Strike

9° A Quiver Filled With Arrows

10° An Airplane Falling

11° A New Path Of Realism In Experience

12° A Topsy Saucily Asserting Herself

13° A Great Musician At His Piano

14° A Conversation By Telepathy

15° Two Dutch Children Talking

16° A Woman Suffragist Haranguing

17° The Head Of Health Dissolved Into The Head Of Mentality

18° Two Chinese Men Talking Chinese

19° A Large Archaic Volume

20° A Cafeteria

21° A Labor Demonstration

22° A Barn Dance

23° Three Fledglings In A Nest High In A Tree

24° Children Skating On Ice

25° A Man Trimming Palms

26° Winter Frost In The Woods

27° A Gypsy Coming Out Of The Forest

28° A Man Declared Bankrupt

29° The First Mockingbird In Spring

30° Bathing Beauties


1° A Furled And An Unfurled Flag Displayed From A Vessel

2° A Man Suspended Over A Vast Level Place

3° A Man All Bundled Up In Fur Leading A Shaggy Deer

4° A Cat Arguing With A Mouse

5° An Automobile Wrecked By A Train

6° Game Birds Feathering Their Nests

7° Two Fairies On A Moonlit Night

8° Rabbits Dressed In Clothes And On Parade

9° A Tiny Nude Miss Reaching In The Water For A Fish

10° A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut

11° A Clown Making Grimaces

12° A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby With A Message

13° One Hand Slightly Flexed With A Very Prominent Thumb

14° A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast

15° A Group Of People Who Have Overeaten And Enjoyed It

16° A Man In Front Of A Square With A Manuscript Scroll Before Him

17° The Germ Grows Into Knowledge And Life

18° A Hen Scratching For Her Chicks

19° A Priest Performing A Marriage Ceremony

20° Gondoliers In A Serenade

21° A Prima Donna Singing

22° A Woman Awaiting A Sailboat

23° A Meeting Of A Literary Society

24° A Woman And Two Men On A Bit Of Sunlit Land Facing South

25° A Dark Shadow Or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over The Right Shoulder

26° Contentment And Happiness In Luxury, People Reading On Sofas

27° A Storm In A Canyon

28° A Modern Pocahontas

29° A Muse Weighing Twins

30° A Daughter Of The American Revolution


1° A Case Of Apoplexy

2° An Epidemic Of Mumps

3° A Woman Having Her Hair Bobbed

4° A Man Formally Dressed And A Deer With Its Horns Folded

5° Rock Formations At The Edge Of A Precipice

6° An Old-Fashioned Woman And An Up-To-Date Girl

7° The Constellations In The Sky

8° A Bolshevik Propagandist

9° Glass Blowers

10° Early Morning Dew

11° Children On A Swing In A Huge Oak Tree

12° An Evening Lawn Party

13° An Old Sea Captain Rocking

14° The Human Soul Awaiting Opportunity For Expression

15° A Pageant

16° Sunshine Just After A Storm

17° A Non-Vested Church Choir

18° A Teacher Of Chemistry

19° A Houseboat Party

20° Zuni Sun Worshippers

21° Chickens Intoxicated

22° A Carrier Pigeon

23° A Bareback Rider

24° An Untidy, Unkempt Man

25° Large Camel Crossing The Desert

26° A Rainbow

27° Daybreak

28° Many Little Birds On The Limb Of A Large Tree

29° A Mermaid

30° An Unsealed Letter


1° A Man’s Head

2° A Large White Cross Upraised

3° Two Angels Bringing Protection

4° A Black Child Playing With White Children

5° A Man Dreaming Of Fairies

6° A Merry-Go-Round

7° A Harem

8° First Dancing Instruction

9° A Man Making A Futurist Drawing

10° Two Heads Looking Out Beyond The Shadows

11° A Boy Molded In His Mother’s Aspiration For Him

12° A Bride With Her Veil Snatched Away

13° A Strong Hand Supplanting Political Hysteria

14° A Family Tree

15° An Ornamental Handkerchief

16° An Orangutan

17° A Volcano In Eruption

18° A Ouija Board

19° A Swimming Race

20° An Automobile Caravan

21° A Girls’ Basketball Team

22° A Royal Coat Of Arms

23° An Animal Trainer

24° Mary And Her White Lamb

25° A Flag At Half-Mast

26° A Boy With A Censer

27° Grande Dames At Tea

28° A Bald-Headed Man

29° A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge From A Paper He Is Reading

30° A False Call Unheard In Attention To Immediate Service


1° A Butterfly Made Perfect By A Dart Through It

2° The Light Of The Sixth Race Transmuted To The Seventh

3° The Dawn Of A New Day, Everything Changed

4° A Group Around A Campfire

5° A Man Teaching True Inner Knowledge

6° The Ideals Of A Man Abundantly Crystallized

7° A Woman Feeding Chickens And Protecting Them From Hawks

8° A Blazing Fireplace In A Deserted Home

9° Three Old Masters Hanging In An Art Gallery

10° A Canoe Approaching Safety Through Dangerous Waters

11° A Professor Peering Over His Glasses

12° Miners Emerging From A Mine

13° Children Blowing Soap Bubbles

14° A Noon Siesta

15° Circular Paths

16° A Boat-Landing Washed Away

17° A Retired Sea Captain

18° Two Men Placed Under Arrest

19° A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding

20° A Jewish Rabbi

21° A Crowd On A Beach

22° A Child Giving Birds A Drink At A Fountain

23° Chanticleer

24° A Third Wing On The Left Side Of A Butterfly

25° Information In The Symbol Of An Autumn Leaf

26° An Eagle And A Large White Dove Turning Into One Another

27° An Airplane Hovering Overhead

28° A Man In The Midst Of Brightening Influences

29° Humanity Seeking To Bridge The Span Of Knowledge

30° Three Mounds Of Knowledge On A Philosopher’s Head


1° A Sightseeing Bus

2° A Broken Bottle And Spilled Perfume

3° A House Raising

4° A Youth Holding A Lighted Candle

5° A Massive Rocky Shore

6° A Gold Rush

7° Deep-Sea Divers

8° The Moon Shining Across A Lake

9° Dental Work

10° A Fellowship Supper

11° A Drowning Man Rescued

12° An Embassy Ball

13° An Inventor Experimenting

14° Telephone Linemen At Work

15° Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand

16° A Girl’s Face Breaking Into A Smile

17° A Woman The Father Of Her Own Child

18° A Woods Rich In Autumn Coloring

19° A Parrot Listening And Then Talking

20° A Woman Drawing Two Dark Curtains Aside

21° A Soldier Derelict In Duty

22° Hunters Starting Out For Ducks

23° A Bunny Metamorphosed Into A Fairy

24° Crowds Coming To The Mountain To Listen To One Man

25° An X-Ray

26° Indians Making Camp

27° A Military Band On The March

28° The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain

29° An Indian Squaw Pleading To The Chief For The Lives Of Her Children

30° The Halloween Jester


1° A Grand Army Of The Republic Campfire

2° The Ocean Covered In White Caps

3° Two Men Playing Chess

4° A Little Child Learning To Walk

5° An Old Owl Up In A Tree

6° A Game Of Cricket

7° Cupid Knocking At The Door

8° Rocks And Things Forming Therein

9° A Mother With Her Children On Stairs

10° A Golden-Haired Goddess Of Opportunity

11° The Lamp Of Physical Enlightenment At The Left Temple

12° A Flag That Turns Into An Eagle That Crows

13° A Widow’s Past Brought To Light

14° The Pyramids And The Sphinx

15° The Groundhog Looking For Its Own Shadow

16° Seagulls Watching A Ship

17° An Easter Sunrise Service

18° Tiny Children In Sunbonnets

19° Pelicans Moving Their Habitat

20° Men Cutting Through Ice

21° A Child And A Dog With Borrowed Eyeglasses

22° A Chinese Laundry

23° Immigrants Entering

24° A Bluebird Standing At The Door Of The House

25° A Chubby Boy On A Hobby Horse

26° A Flag-Bearer

27° A Sculptor

28° An Old Bridge Over A Beautiful Stream

29° A Fat Boy Mowing A Lawn

30° The Pope


1° An Indian Chief Demanding Recognition

2° Three Stained-Glass Windows, One Damaged By Bombardment

3° The Human Soul Receptive To Growth And Understanding

4° A Party Entering A Large Canoe

5° Indians Rowing A Canoe And Dancing A War Dance

6° A Dark Archway And Ten Logs At The Bottom

7° A Veiled Prophet Of Power

8° Birds In The House Singing Happily

9° An Angel Carrying A Harp

10° An Albatross Feeding From The Hand

11° A Large Group Of Pheasants

12° A Student Of Nature Lecturing

13° A Fire Worshiper

14° An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite

15° Many Toys In The Children’s Ward Of A Hospital

16° Boys And Girls In Gymnasium Suits

17° A Girl Surreptitiously Bathing In The Nude

18° The Union Jack

19° A Child Of About Five With A Huge Bag Of Shopping

20° A Hidden Choir Singing

21° A Relay Race

22° A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully

23° Two Awards For Bravery In War

24° A Woman Entering A Convent

25° An Oriental Rug Dealer

26° A Water Sprite

27° A Mountain Pilgrimage

28° A Large Aviary

29° A Woman Reading Tea Leaves

30° A Secret Business Conference


1° An Old Adobe Mission

2° An Unexpected Thunderstorm

3° A Deserter From The Navy

4° A Hindu Healer

5° A Council Of Ancestors

6° A Performer In A Mystery Play

7° A Child Born Of An Eggshell

8° Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures

9° A Flag Turned Into An Eagle

10° A Popularity That Proves Ephemeral

11° A Man Tete-A-Tete With His Inspiration

12° People On Stairs Graduated Upwards

13° A Barometer

14° A Train Entering A Tunnel

15° Two Lovebirds Sitting On A Fence

16° A Big Business Man At His Desk

17° A Watchdog Standing Guard

18° A Man Unmasked

19° A Forest Fire Quenched

20° A Big White Dove, A Message-Bearer

21° A Woman Disappointed And Disillusioned

22° A Rug Placed On The Floor For Children To Play

23° A Big Bear Sitting Down And Waving All Its Paws

24° A Man Turning His Back On His Passions And Teaching Form Experience

25° A Butterfly With The Right Wing More Perfectly Formed

26° A Hydrometer

27° An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Violets

28° A Tree Felled And Sawed

29° A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis

30° The Field Of Ardath In Bloom


1° A Public Market

2° A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters

3° A Petrified Forest

4° Heavy Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus

5° A Church Bazaar

6° Officers On Dress Parade

7° A Cross Lying On The Rocks

8° A Girl Blowing A Bugle

9° A Jockey

10° An Aviator In The Clouds

11° Men Seeking Illumination

12° An Examination Of Initiates

13° A Sword In A Museum

14° A Lady In Fox Fur

15° An Officer Preparing To Drill His Men

16° The Flow Of Inspiration

17° An Easter Parade

18° A Gigantic Event

19° A Master Instructing His Pupil

20° A Table Set For An Evening Meal

21° A Little White Lamb, A Child, And A Chinese Servant

22° A Man Bringing The New Law Down From Sinai

23° Spiritist Phenomena

24° An Inhabited Island

25° The Purging Of The Priesthood

26° A New Moon That Divides Its Influences

27° A Harvest Moon

28° A Fertile Garden Under A Full Moon

29° A Prism

30° The Great Stoneface