Your Energetic Axis

Your Energetic Axis

Jun 13, 2023

Your energetic axis can be envisioned as a straight line or column that runs from the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet along the spine and ends far above you at the Divine Gateway Chakra. Along this axis, also called the Sushumna, you have twelve chakras. Chakras are energy centers placed at key points of vibration along this axis, and they correspond to transition points, or portals, for different dimensions and levels of experience. 

When each chakra is open, it whirls rapidly in a clockwise direction and works together with the other chakras to move energy up and down the Sushumna. When chakras are closed down or blocked because of trauma stuck at that level of experience, the energy flow is stopped or slowed, and the entire system, including the physical body, no longer operates optimally. 

The chakra system is actually a mirror of the eleventh-dimensional Rainbow Bridge, which is the dimension that connects all other dimensions together. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because the colors of the rainbow have a frequency match to certain dimensions, which resonate also with different locations along the Sushumna. When your vibration elevates or lowers, you enter those different dimensions. It is not possible to elevate the human physical form enough to enter higher dimensions without turning it into light or energy, but the human spirit or consciousness can move freely between dimensions. With the assistance of clairs, many amazing experiences can be had, adding to the knowledge and development of the soul.

To be clear, each chakra is a portal that transitions you to the dimension above it, like a connecting door. The dimensions themselves are between the chakras. So, the first dimension vibrational match is between the Earth Star chakra and Root Chakra, at the base of the spine. The second dimension is accessed between the Root and Sacral, the third between the Sacral and Solar Plexus, the fourth between the Solar Plexus and Heart, and the fifth between the Heart and Throat. 

The sixth is between the Throat Chakra and a point about halfway up the bridge of the nose where there is a minor chakra, the seventh is from that point up to the Third Eye, the eighth is between the Third Eye and the Crown, and the ninth between Crown and the Soul Star Chakra. Continuing up, the tenth dimension lies between the Soul Star and Universal Chakras, the eleventh is between the Universal and Galactic, and the twelfth is between the Galactic and Divine Gateway. After passing through the Divine Gateway, the spirit enters the Void, which can be called the thirteenth dimension. This is an area of Divine Consciousness that is the space that holds all of creation.

These concepts are demonstrated in the diagram below. Please note that the higher dimensions resonate with vibration levels beyond the white light spectrum, which the human eye cannot see. Therefore, the colors of the chakras on the chart that are above the Crown are for aesthetic purposes. The chart shows your energetic axis and the chakras themselves as being in the tenth dimension because they are slightly lower in vibration than the actual Rainbow Bridge in the eleventh. This is because they are a reflection on a much smaller scale that acts as a bridge for the human consciousness, whereas the actual bridge is on the level of the entire Collective Conscious of the known universe.

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita