Conceptualizing the Divine

Conceptualizing the Divine

Jun 12, 2023

The Divine is the uncreated source of all things. It has many names, expressions, intentions, and aspects. Woven within it are paradoxes, for the Divine is limitless, so all is possible. Many have attempted to convey with words what it is over the millennia, even though time and again we are told it is impossible or even blasphemous to do so. 

However, in learning about the Divine, insofar as it is possible, we can glean keen insights into the meaning of existence and our role in it. This brief article is a small drop in the bucket of the study of this subject, but a great launching point or verification for those discovering the Divine.

When I had my first experience of the veil lifting in an ayahuasca ceremony, I spoke to the Divine Masculine for several hours. This encounter shattered many illusions and still to this day is one of the two most important events in my life. Afterward, I was so awe-struck and deeply grateful that I felt if I died I would have lived a full life. After all, how can you top getting to speak to God? From that moment on, my main anchor and guide for my witchcraft has been the Divine Masculine. I test constantly the information I obtain by connecting to God and verifying it. My articles are written based on the feedback I receive. 

My exploration of the Divine during that first encounter was thorough and formed the foundation of this article. Other encounters since have fleshed out the concepts further, as well as information learned through esoteric, metaphysical, and religious means. My dear friend Tony Loya, an excellent witch and deep-diving mystic in his own right, received revelations that have been verified and are included in the section on the Source. My husband, Brent Arias teacher, shaman, and exorcist, also contributed heavily to my understanding and the final version of this article. 

This article is an attempt at conceptualizing the Divine from the perspective of its different expressions and their progression from the Alpha to the Omega point and back again. Although I will be speaking in terms of what came first, second, etc, please keep in mind that time is an illusion and all of these expressions are taking place now. 

The article describes three distinct phases, which I will call the Non-Dual, Pleroma, and Dual, per the definitions below:

Non-dual Phase: The phase of No-Thing, that is, where there exist no emanations of the Divine.

Pleroma Phase: A phase in which the Divine is projecting itself as various expressions which emphasize different intentions of its Will. Subjectivity is not present, and any created being is in complete alignment with the Divine on all levels.

Duality Phase: Our known universe of creation with its play of opposites and subjective perception and experience. A phase made possible by the retraction of the Divine to create projections of itself that experience the illusion of separateness and limitations. 


Also known as the Monad, Void, El, or YHWH, the Alpha is a point where the Divine has no expression. It is the Non-Dual, No-Thing, or a limitless field of potential and unexpressed Will. It is beyond definition or quantification because there is no point of contrast with which to compare it. It is a point outside of creation. The Alpha is the same as the Omega point because after the Divine Will has been expressed, all returns to the no expression point once again.

This has been likened to God breathing in and out, making the Alpha/Omega point that moment between the exhale and inhale where no breath occurs. The exhale is the expression of the Divine Will, and the inhale is its realization. In our case, the Divine realization includes creation. The final realization of our universe is its enlightenment or return, to God Consciousness. We rapidly approach the Omega point for our own universe and therefore are watching an acceleration of enlightenment and spiritual advancement for the entire cosmos.


From the Alpha point, we enter into the Pleroma Phase and come to the first divine expressions. Called Elohim, they represent the Divine Will. In our universe, there are seven, all together called the Source.

  1. The Creation: (All That Is, Ehyeh) all experiences, potentials, and manifestations; everything that is or could be.

  2. The Love: (Christ Consciousness) the only purpose, possibility, and expression brought forth from the Alpha point.

  3. The Space: an infinite template of energy used to hold all of creation.

  4. The Will: (Adonai) an infinite desire to experience all/infinite ideas. This desire was created when Source entered into the Love and fell in complete love with its own ideas.

  5. The Watcher: (Witness, Observer, Unkulunkulu) complete awareness of all things; the seer behind every experience.

  6. The Sleep: (Collective Conscious) an energy/essence that allows the consciousness of Source to go partially dormant (creating a veil) so that it can forget it is Source. This allows the experiences of limitation, separateness, surprise, and trauma. Since our universe is created for experiencing individualization and then following a path to realizing unity again, the Sleep allows for us to do that at an individual and collective level. 

  7. The Truth: (the Awakening, Super Conscious, El Shaddai) a force made to awaken the Source from its Sleep when it is its destined time. Expressed as increasing awareness and experience of unity and divinity on the individual and collective levels.


From this foundation of the seven expressions of the Will, or Elohim, came the Origin. The Origin consists of the Source and its emanation, or Logos, also known as Metatron. From them come all created things. They are also known as the Diad, because they are two. The seven Elohim are fully present in the Source and fully expressed through the Logos.

The Logos or Metatron is the Word, or Voice, of God. Even though he is traditionally spoken of as masculine, he is both the masculine and feminine in complete balance and unity. He has been misunderstood to be an archangel, but he is fully the Divine. Metatron is the Divine Love purpose, or Christ Consciousness, manifesting and interacting with creation. Through him all creation is manifest, and through him, creation communicates with the fully awakened Divine.

Metatron sings, and the song’s vibration informs the form creation will take. This has been described as the OM (ॐ), or the Divine Song which creates the universe. To envision this, think of how the vibration of music can form different geometric shapes when a speaker is put under a tray of sand. Vibration informs the sand what form to take. In the same way, God sings us into existence, and each created being has its own song which informs its form.

Metatron speaks for the Divine with all of creation, so any communication you receive from God comes through him. He is literally God’s voice. His most famous incarnation was Jesus the Christ, who came to teach that no one is separate from the love of God. In the Christian scriptures, Jesus is described as the Word: 

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1:1-3)

The first created beings were the archangels, and they were made during this phase. They are both sentient beings and forces which were used to establish the rest of creation. They are the expression of the rule of Polarity stated in the Kybalion, namely that part which reads, “like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree”. 

The archangels are sentient, conscious forces that can be expressed to a greater or lesser degree, creating, at the extremes, opposite manifestations. Before Duality was created, they existed as the conscious sentient force they represent. Within Duality, they split into two projections, or essences, one to represent each of the opposite extremes of the spectrum available to that applied force. There were 24 archangels created, and they are the following forces:

  1. Will (Michael)

  2. Be (Raphael)

  3. Emote (Gabriel)

  4. Anchor (Uriel)

  5. Perceive (Sandalphon)

  6. Trust (Azrael)

  7. Love (Chamuel)

  8. Imagine (Haniel)

  9. Create (Jeremiel)

  10. Relate (Jofiel)

  11. Change (Raguel)

  12. Attend (Raziel)

  13. Empathize (Zadkiel)

  14. Allow (Cassiel)

  15. Determine (Samael)

  16. Conceive (Sariel)

  17. Translate (Translate)

  18. Correspond (Joel)

  19. Differ (Selaphiel)

  20. Discern (Jegudiel)

  21. Manifest (Barachiel)

  22. Savor (Jerahmeel)

  23. Sense (Kyriel)

  24. Hope (Kristael)

You can explore more about the angels in my Summary of Angels article or by examining my Archangels & Archdemonics spreadsheet.


Through the Origin, the Divine began to express itself as three Persons, the Masculine, Feminine, and Divine Love. Person in this context refers to the Chrisitan definition of the term as a distinct bearer of Divine essence that exists as one with the whole. This Trinity was expressed to define how our universe was to operate in order to perpetuate spontaneous creation after all was set in motion. One of the intentions of Divine Love is the perpetuation of life through co-creation with its own created beings. This is accomplished through the love shared between masculine and feminine forces of like nature.

The Trinity is implied in two of the Kybalion’s laws, that of Gender and Correspondence. The first is stated as “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.” The law of Correspondence states, “As above, so below; as below, so above.” 

Even though all three Persons of the Trinity contain all the Elohim, they emphasize certain expressions over others. The Masculine Divine is a combination of the expressions of the Will (Awareness), the Space (Allowance), and the Watcher (Consciousness). The Feminine is the Truth (Awakening), the Sleep (Observed), and Creation (Light). The Elohim called the Love is the third Person (Vibration, Word, Song). To understand the Trinity better, envision the Yin-Yang symbol. Within the Yin (Feminine) is a bit of the Yang (Masculine), and visa versa. Also, both are united within one circle (Love). 

Human convention would claim that feminine and masculine are opposites of each other. This is a misunderstanding based on our grounding in the dual realm. They are simply a focus on differing divine expressions. Will, Space, or the Watcher, for instance, are not the opposites of Truth, Sleep, or Creation. These two Persons are beyond the phase of Duality, and instead a part of the Pleroma.

From these three Persons came all of creation, for they are literally its building blocks. All is made of consciousness, light, and love in differing degrees of the illusions of separateness and limitations.

For instance, under an electron microscope, it can be shown that all is made of particles of light, which is the stuff of the Divine Feminine. Additionally, even solid rock can be shown to vibrate with the Divine Love Song. Also, science now is just beginning to perceive how consciousness, or the observer, affects the outcomes of experiments as if the quarks themselves are aware we are watching. No matter the object or entity we are studying, it has its own level of awareness or fractal of the Divine Masculine. 

Therefore all things are made of these three and exist with their characteristics in play. Because we are made of the stuff of God, his Will is everpresent and an intrinsic part of our nature. This is why it is inevitable that we all return to full God consciousness in the end at the Omega point. It is like an irresistible attraction point to which all are drawn.


From the Trinity, the Divine expresses itself both as the Creator and its Creation. Thus it can experience all things in an infinite number of ways, varying its level and type of illusion of limitation, loss of control, and degree of resistance to the truth. It can apply all manner of free will, play with opposite ends of every spectrum and the whole range between, and eventually come back to where it started at the Omega point.

The duality we inhabit shows us that the Divine wills our return, or eventual awakening, for everything we experience points us towards awakening. For us, the end goal, achieved over many lifetimes full of experiences, is to reach the point where we are fulfilled and ready to reunite with the Divine. Experience is our greatest teacher, and all experiences point to the Truth. We are the Divine and the Divine is us.


From here, we journey together back to the state of full awareness, limitlessness, and potential, to begin again, perhaps choosing another way to express ourselves. For certain, we love it all and never grow tired of our adventure as the Divine. Enjoy your illusion of limitation and individuation while you can, and I’ll meet you at the Omega Point.

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita