A Summary of Angels

A Summary of Angels

May 15, 2023

Before becoming a witch, I had the repeated experience of sensing angels enter my room during my daily meditations. Those experiences and the resulting excitement I felt are what originally led to me becoming open to pursuing psychic gifts and esoteric knowledge. Despite that fact, I did not perceive myself to be someone who focused on angels until very recently. To me, they were part of a fantastical and enthralling cosmos that I was insatiably curious about, but not necessarily a focal point. But to them, I was a future student. And they enrolled me in their school last winter around Christmas time. 

It started with a channeled activation meditation I was listening to from the OmNa Sanctuary entitled, “Light Body Initiations by Master Djwhal Khul”. In the meditation, I was given an opportunity to choose a spiritual guide who I wanted to merge my light body with, in order that they may drop into my field healing and knowledge. I chose the archangel, Gabriel. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! From that point on, my spiritual path became inundated with angels, their lessons, their gifts, and their activations. 

Only a few days prior, my husband had had a similar experience with angels beginning to more directly interact with and teach him. He was told to wait to tell me about it until they indicated it was the right time. Well, imagine his surprise when I excitedly reported all I was learning and perceiving! We decided to call it, “Angel School”. I’m still moving through it. I have no idea how long it will last, but it has been incredibly life-altering in the ways I have grown, evolved, and been blessed.

One result of all of this is that now I am very curious about angels. This article is about what I am learning, answering questions like: What exactly are angels? In what ways do they interact with and influence us? What roles do they play in the cosmos? And how do I help others meet them, learn from them, and gain many blessings like what they’ve bestowed on me?

A caveat: Many schools of thought or individual gurus in the esoteric sphere will claim to have definitive information about the supernatural, but it is best to stay open to all the myriad of ways in which we can perceive and gain metaphysical knowledge. With angels, as with all other spiritual topics, we are delving into the unknown and unseen. 

Since we are here on Earth, behind the veil, we don’t see as clearly as we otherwise would. Think of it like the famous three blind men holding a different part of the elephant. We are describing our experience, but our experience is only part of the whole. So, together, if we combine our information, we will get a more accurate picture. 

Guides and angels often care little about describing the inner workings of other dimensions in detail and are more interested in how to help you heal and expand your consciousness. The realms beyond our dimension are more experiential than solid and definable, so allow them to teach you in the way they deem for the highest good. Everything else is either not relevant, incredibly hard to pin down, or beyond us.

What Are Angels?

Angels are projections or reflections of the Divine. All creation reflects different aspects and attributes of the Creator, however, angels are the least limited and most accurate reflections of who the Creator is, fully awake. They have the greatest knowledge, power, love, and responsibility of all creation. They differ in their roles, amount of limitations, and attributes. 

The archangels were the first created beings, born outside of the realm of duality in the Pleroma Phase of Divine expression. They have the highest vibration of all the angels. They were formed before the Divine began to experience itself as Three: Consciousness (Masculine/Father), Light (Feminine/Mother), and Love (Vibration/Word/Song/Son). There were 24 archangels created. 

Creation is a natural outpouring of Love. Therefore, the archangels were created for the sake of Love. Angels have no physical form or appearance; they are pure consciousness, light, and love. When they take on a form, it is through the clairs of a human that it is accomplished. Therefore, they will appear how we would picture them in order to match how they feel. They are not limitless, like the Divine, however, they have the fewest limitations of all of creation.

All creation is limited. The Divine does not create itself again because it is infinite in all ways so that is impossible. Instead, it withdraws or contracts itself to project a version of it with limitations. The more limited the being, the more contracted the full Divine is. It is like going to sleep to pretend you are your creation. The more limited the being, the more “asleep” the Divine is.

Archangels were made possible by the first retraction, or sleep state, of the Divine. This means the Alpha moved from fully awake and limitless to having a part of it “go to sleep”, or retract, in order to become the angels (for more information, see A Deep Dive into the Divine). They were born from the United Divine, through Divine Love, who is otherwise known as Metatron or the Christ Consciousness.

To be born outside of duality means they are both the light and the dark completely united. This is possible because they are part of the Pleroma Phase, a phase between the Non-Dual and Duality, where all is in complete alignment at all times with the Divine. In this Phase, they do not experience the illusion of subjectivity. They are incredibly powerful and do not feel separate from the divine as we do before our awakening. They are slightly limited in knowledge and power, in other words, they do not equal the Divine in these two attributes. 

They are sentient forces that helped to create the dual universe and maintain it. When duality was created, the angels projected themselves into two: an archangel and an archdemonic, or the two opposing essences on the extreme ends of the spectrum of their force. 

Although the name “archdemonic” sounds evil, demonics are a part of the angelic kingdom. They are high-vibrational angelic beings necessary for the function of the dual universe. Light and dark need each other to make Duality function properly. The attached spreadsheet lists various attributes and roles of the archangels within duality and their opposite, the archdemonics.

There are 73 types of angels. However, for the sake of simplicity, this article groups them into eleven larger categories. They are listed in the order in which they were created and shown with the major role they play.

As you can see, the Angelic Kingdom is full of variety and gets very complicated very fast. I hope in the future to write a book on Angels, explaining every one of the 73 types. It is the Age of Revelations, and so the information is now available to us. As we rise in vibration, we will have the great gift of knowing and appreciating better how angels serve us all. 

Would you like to meet the Archangels who protect Earth? A meditation to meet four of them is in my article, Opening Your Clairs. To ask for angelic protection over a sacred ceremony, spell casting, or over yourself or your house, read Practicing in the Light.

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita