Getting on Your Energetic Axis

Getting on Your Energetic Axis

Jun 15, 2023

We are a combination of heaven and earth, spirit and body, an experience we can choose to reject or embrace. Some choose to embrace it, enjoying both their ascension process and the illusion we currently inhabit. Others choose to reject it by preferring the spirit and disdaining the body, or vice versa. Witches are particularly good at embracing both, seeing the value in the physical and spiritual planes, for our magic makes use of both to manifest. Personally, I enjoy the rich experience of this duality while keeping in mind the non-dual reality beyond it, so as not to get lost in and brought low by it.

To make the most of both, it helps to time and again check in with where you are energetically. The mind is a constant chatterbox, which can drown out the spirit and wear down the body without us even being conscious of it. But a short, daily meditation is all that is needed to reconnect with Source, ground yourself to Mother Earth, and center yourself in your heart.

This process of connection above, below, and within is called being on your energetic axis. Like the Earth spinning on her axis, you have an axis around which your chakras rotate, a central column called the Sushumna. Read more about the importance of that column in my article Your Energetic Axis.

The following is a meditation designed to place you on your axis, and it need not take more than five minutes to do. You will notice that living from within the heart and connected to the support of Source and Mother Earth is a very different experience than living identifying with the egoic chatter of the mind. Peace, surety, curiosity, and kindness feel readily available and in constant flow, so all of life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Energetic Axis Meditation

Begin by finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and sit up comfortably, resting your hands in your lap. Take a few deep breaths, noticing the body. How do you feel today? Are there any areas of discomfort? Notice the clothes on your body and the feeling of the air in the room. Take your time, observing it all without needing to change anything.

Breathe in and out deeply, following the air as it enters with each inhale and makes its way down into the lungs, and then again as it leaves the lungs and moves out the nose into the room. Notice that the inhales feel cool and the exhales warm. Take five deep breaths following the path of the air.

Now visualize that as you breathe in light enters the body and begins to fill you up. envision that as you breathe out, anything that no longer serves you leaves the body with each exhale. Every inhale activates more of your own inner light until you are glowing from head to toe. The light feels wonderful, like love sent from the universe.

After you feel completely full of light, envision that you are growing roots from your Root Chakra and feet. They are making their way through the floor and foundation of the building you are sitting in. They grow quickly and soon are on their way to the center of the Earth. These roots pass through clay, granite, lava, caverns, and underground waterways as they make their way down. Eventually, you will feel as though you have reached the very center of the Earth.

Now visualize a place outside you love. A place where you feel connected to nature and at peace. Bring up the feelings you feel when you are there. Put the memory and the feelings into a gift box and send them down the roots to Earth as if you are saying, “Thank you for always being there for me. I love you.”

Wait for her response. After a few moments, you will feel her love for you hit your energy field, as she replies, “You’re welcome, my child. I love you, too.”

Focus now on the crown of your head. Visualize a big white lotus flower there with many, many petals. It is asleep and closed, sleeping under the stars. The day begins to dawn, and as the sunlight hits the petals, they open one by one. There are so many it's impossible to count them.

The lotus flower begins to glow with white light. Soon, the light is so bright that you cannot see the flower anymore. Then the light begins to spin clockwise faster and faster. Soon, it's spinning so fast that it appears to be standing still. Out of this spinning disk of light comes a column of light that shoots up out of your head.

The column of light leaves the building you are in, then it leaves the atmosphere, then it passes the moon. Soon, it is out of the solar system. Then it leaves behind the Milky Way. It picks up speed, heading for the edge of creation, where it will penetrate the barrier between creation and pure Source as easily as cracking through an eggshell.

When your column reaches pure Source outside of creation, begin to visualize a moment in your life when something very amazing and exciting was happening. It was a moment that captured all your attention. Bring up the feelings you felt in that wonderful moment. Put the memory and feelings in a gift box to send to Source via your column of light. Send it with the message, “Thank you for letting me be alive! I love you.”

Wait for it, and the Source will send its love for you back. You will feel it hit your energy field as if it was saying, “You’re welcome, my child. I love you, too.” Now you have established a loving connection to Source and Mother Earth.

From here, notice how you live life like the essence of who you are is located behind your eyes. Drop your focus down to the softness of the heart, like you are living life from within your heart. Here, it is easier to hear your intuition and what you truly desire. You’ve now placed yourself on your axis.

To return to the room, breath deeply, feeling your torso rise and fall. Feel again your clothing and the air on your skin. Listen to the noises around you and when you are ready, softly open your eyes. Enjoy the peace, clarity, and support your feel as you go about your day.

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita