What Are the Dimensions?

What Are the Dimensions?

Jun 15, 2023

The metaphysical and spiritual community is diverse and can appear to have many different systems of belief that use popular terms to mean different things. Sometimes our beliefs do differ, and sometimes we simply are speaking of the same truths from differing perspectives. Therefore, it is important to pin down exactly what someone means when they employ metaphysical terms, so you know what the conversation is actually about.

This has never been truer than with the word dimension. Here is how I use the word:

Dimension: a stratum of vibration in which certain phenomena occur.

Also, it is important to note that dimensions are a human invention, made for the convenience of organizing an infinite spectrum of vibration in order to understand it better. Where we decide to put the boundary between the fourth and fifth, or ninth and tenth, can be different for different schools of thought.

In my case, my dimensional boundaries were determined through guidance from the Masculine Divine. They were given to me in this way because it was known I’d eventually connect it to dimensional travel by using the chakra system, and the boundaries line up well with the chakras. Not only that, but Spirit knew I’d eventually awaken my different dimensional bodies with the help of angels, and those bodies correspond to the dimensions as I was taught them.

Here is a chart that explains what is in each dimension, and how it can be mapped to the human chakra system. For more details on the chakras, see my article Your Energetic Axis.

Dimensions & Phenomena

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita