Opening Your Clairs

Opening Your Clairs

May 10, 2023

Clairs are the extrasensory perceptions that allow you to access information and assistance from dimensions other than the third and fourth, where we normally are focused. They include clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairalience (clear smelling), and clairgustance (clear tasting). Read What Are the Clairs? to learn more. 

To practice witchcraft, you will need to open and develop at least one of these senses. It seems something farfetched and fantastical, but the clairs are a natural part of every human being. We have been taught since we were small to block them off because society does not accept them as valid or is afraid of them. But they are there, awaiting your attention.

Remember that practicing witchcraft in the light is important for your protection. Although this article contains the way to open and begin working with the clairs, I do not recommend doing so if you do not know how to keep yourself safe. If you experience any strange unwanted phenomenon after opening the clairs, call upon spirits like Archangel Michael or Jesus to dispel the problem. If problems persist, contact me or another confident, competent witch who practices in the light to assist. 

Clairs Activation Meditation


The following meditation will lead you into a vision that calls in archangels. I chose archangels because they are trusted and powerful allies and teachers. The archangels we will ask to teach you include Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Archangel Uriel. They are the protectors of the four cardinal directions. You can read more about them and their symbolism in the following incantation article.

A combination of the primary clairs of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance will be explored here. 

Because this meditation involves moving into higher levels of vibration, before beginning, read it over, get the idea of how it's done, and then keep your eyes closed as you actually do it. Do not open your eyes to refer to this article again or you may become disoriented. 

You may find one clair more difficult to experience than the others. We all have natural talents that make certain clairs easier for us and others more difficult. That doesn’t mean they are not reachable for you. It just means more practice is involved. Approach them with kindness for yourself rather than impatience. 

Since questions are the main means of activating clairs, it may be helpful to prepare a list of questions. Although you can’t refer to them during the meditation, having thought them out first may help bring them to mind.

Meditation Instructions

Begin by creating liminal space and placing yourself on your energetic axis.

Call forth Archangel Raphael by picturing a caduceus. As he enters the room, you will feel a presence approach from a certain direction. Note from where he is entering the room. He may use the same approach again to get your attention in the future. Note how the presence feels to you. Picture Raphael as a beautiful light approaching. Ask him to stand in front of you. Feel him move until he is directly in front of you. 

Now you can ask clarifying questions which engage your clairs. Ask yourself how tall he is. You will find you know the answer! Ask what color his hair is and what hairstyle. Try different colors of hair or styles and see if there’s one he doesn’t like (based on how he feels in response) or one he especially likes. 

Ask what is he wearing and watch his clothing appear! Is he holding anything? What color are his eyes? What kind of build does he have? What does his personality feel like? Does he feel serious or lighthearted? What is the expression on his face? What mood is he in?

Try speaking to him. Greet him to see if you hear or feel his answer. A lot of information is in feelings, so allow that to be a communication pathway. 

Questions are your best friend. The more you ask, the more information you get. I suggest starting with yes or no questions. If in response, it is not a clear yes or no, ask if the answer is maybe, or wait, or almost, etc. A little at a time, you can move to more open-ended questions and get full-sentence responses. If you become frustrated, move on from clairaudience practice to something else.

Ask if he will bless you. Usually, they touch you to do so. Note where he touches you and how, and how wonderful it feels for an angel to bless you.

Ask for a gift and have him place it in your hands. What did he put there? Do you automatically know what it means? If so, that is claircognizance. If not, ask him why he gave you that. Do not worry if you don’t get or understand the response. You may understand later. You can also ask how to use it or even suggest an idea of how to use it. He will respond with a feeling or words.

Ask if he has a message for you. If it is a yes, but then you don’t understand what he says, ask him to place the information within you so at a certain level it can be understood. 

If there are questions from a list you made prior to the meditation, now is a great time to ask them.

Thank him for coming. If you like, you can ask him to be with you always, helping and guiding you. This is not an imposition. These angels care for the entire Earth, and you cannot ask “too much” of them. It is their pleasure to help, and they are often waiting for you to give them permission to help you on a greater scale. They respect your free will, after all, and will not interfere if it would compromise it. However, once you are aware of them, much more assistance is possible, if you want it. 

Send Raphael off with love and begin the process anew, with each of the other archangels. The symbols to call to mind at the start are a blue flaming sword for Michael, a silver goblet for Gabriel, and a pentacle circled in gold for Uriel. Notice how each angel feels different from the others. Their appearance, personalities, and energies are different. In the future, if one approaches you without being called, you will quickly recognize which it is because of these differences. 

To return to the body, breathe deeply and feel the chest expand. Feel the clothing on your body and the air in the room. Reconnect with the roots you grew to the Earth during the energetic axis exercise. Take your time, and when you feel ready, softly open your eyes. If you feel disoriented, sit quietly experiencing this dimension for a bit before moving on. 

After working with the angels for a while, you may want to meet other spirits. I suggest the transmissions produced by Steve Nobel. A lot of my work is inspired by his, and he connects with many different spirits in a safe, transformative way. In the future, I will include more meditation articles that connect you with everything from the Void to your spirit animal guides. I’ll link the articles here. 

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita