Practicing in the Light

Practicing in the Light

May 4, 2023

Many worry that the practice of magic will open you up to dangerous spirits or dark forces. That depends entirely on you. Why do you want to practice? Where are you willing to go with your magic? Dark magic is willing to do harm to others to achieve their goals and has no regard for free will. The Light practices with reverent respect for free will and the goal of benefiting all.

If you want to practice in the Light, avoiding all dark and harmful magic, then there are two important commitments to make. First, dedicate yourself to your own ascension by doing your shadow work and remaining a wholehearted student. Second, vow to follow the path of Divine Love.

Shadow Work

Shadow work is a non-negotiable for practicing in the Light. In esoteric circles, shadow work is the healing of your traumas. It can be one of the scariest and most rewarding journeys a soul undertakes. 

It is automatic that by healing the past we elevate in vibration. Every bit of “leveling up” is another bit of protection, because the dark has no desire to draw close to something that bright. Think of it as shining like the sun. No one gets too close to the sun or they will burn up. Leveling up in vibration makes you shine like the sun. 

The more shadow work we do, the more our ego is in alignment with our true self, our true purpose, and the Divine. Without this “dark night of the soul” work, it is easy to accidentally identify with the ego and its intentions. Unbeknownst to us, we can slip into harming others with our craft. 

The traumas of your life leave your soul in scattered pieces, like the shards of a shattered crystal. There are many ways to pick up the pieces. The following are the ones I’ve found to do the deepest and most lasting work: plant medicines, hypnosis, avatar integration, past life regression, and somatic healing.

How do you begin if you aren’t aware of what your shadows are? Look at your unhealthy thought patterns and habits. Any belief that is founded on the lies “I am not worthy”, “I am not enough”, or “I am not lovable” is a good place to start. Look for behaviors that self-sabotage or harm others but you don’t seem to be able to stop doing them. Become curious about what causes these programs and bring the intention to dig up their origin to a session or ceremony in one of the techniques I suggested. 

A Dedicated Student

The path of the Light is best served by remaining a student forever. Learn, then learn some more, then keep learning. When someone “arrives” and believes themselves to be the guru or high priestess who now only teaches, they close themselves off to further development. If you are not progressing, you are decaying. It's one of those Earth rules. Stay open and listen, your next step on the ascension path can come from literally anywhere. 

Vowed to Divine Love

It is also a non-negotiable to be vowed to the path of Divine Love, or the commitment to always use magic for the highest good of all. Learning how to distinguish between the voice of the ego, intuition from the heart or true self, and the messages of spirits or Source is a critical step in the right direction. Again, this is achieved through the development of your “clairs” and doing your shadow work. Discernment of spirits is also a necessary skill. Finally, simply checking in with the rule of thumb, “Will this interfere with anyone’s free will?” is a must.


If you are just beginning, remember that protection is also a type of spell. You need the three tools of will, belief, and action for it to be effective.

Rules for Practicing Safely

  1. Create liminal space

  2. Be only willing to practice if you feel safe, content, and loving and are on your energetic axis

  3. Believe in your own inner goodness as a protection of the first resort

  4. Ask angels or other powerful spirits whom you trust to be present and protect you

  5. Don’t take suggestions from any spirit or person who wants to bend another’s free will, including your own

How I Create Liminal Space

There are as many ways to create liminal space as there are magic practitioners. However, here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Set up a gratitude altar full of sacred and beloved items.

  2. Make sure all four elements are present on the altar. Place something representing air in the East, fire in the South, water in the West, and Earth in the North. Examples could be:

    1. A ceremonial knife or incense for air

    2. A wand or candle for fire

    3. Rose water, agua florida, or a sacred oil for water

    4. A crystal or pile of salt for the earth

  3. Smoke the area and yourself with sage or palo santo

  4. Bless yourself with sacred water or oil

  5. Burn the incense

  6. Hold the crystal to your heart until you feel connected to it

  7. Say the Cardinal Guardians Incantation, calling in the archangels to protect and hold the space.

How You Feel Matters

As a new witch, do not practice on days where you feel awful, angry, moody, sad, or any low-vibration emotion. These cloud the intuition and clairsentience. If meditation can bring you out of those feelings and into a content place again, then try that. If nothing is working, leave the magic for another day.

Your energetic axis is along your Sushumna, or central chakra channel, which begins with the Earth Star chakra below your feet and follows the same line as the spine all the way up to your twelfth and final chakra, sometimes called the Divine Gateway. A meditation to put yourself on this axis can be found here. More about opening the chakras can be found here.

Control & Fear

Low-vibration spirits seek to control and instill fear. This is your first sign that you need to call in help and clear the space.

Remember that a spirit can sound extremely inviting, only saying complimentary and lovely things, and then after gaining your trust start to say you “must” do this and “should” do that. That is pushing their will on yours. A high-vibration spirit will never insist you do as they say. Immediately desist from communicating with such a spirit, casting a spell to protect you from their return. 

The main tactic of a low-vibration spirit is fear. If they can get you afraid of them, your belief that they can harm you will lend to their ability to do so. They cannot harm you. Shout them out of the room. Call in Jesus or Archangel Michael. If you feel that a dark spirit continues to haunt you despite all you have tried, please contact me or another skilled witch to dispel them. 


Remember that you are made of light, love, and consciousness. You are the divine having a human experience. You are far more powerful by nature than any low-vibration spirit out there. If you dedicate yourself to the Divine Love path, do your own inner work, remain a forever student, and practice only when you have set yourself up for success, you will encounter few if any problems. 

May you be blessed ~ Lunita