What is Witchcraft?

What is Witchcraft?

May 4, 2023

As you may have surmised, being a witch in the real world is not what Hollywood makes it out to be. That’s probably for the best because although hurling fireballs and ripping the fabric of space-time make for great theatre, few would argue that it’d be for the highest good that such superpowers were in the hands of human beings. However, magic is real and the use of it is available to any who wishes to pursue it.

Magic is the act of manifesting what you want into our reality using natural and supernatural means. It is achieved by combining the three tools of will, faith, and action. If you will it to happen, believe it can, and take action to make it so, using both natural and supernatural means, you are casting a spell. You are doing witchcraft or magic.

So, therefore, spells are not necessarily something you get from a book. If you believe a spell in a book will work, then use it. But if you believe you can make one up and it will work, feel free to use that method as well. That’s how all those books of spells were originally written anyway – someone made them up because they believed they’d work.

A caveat: Although we can manifest all day long on this plane, anything from a cup of coffee to our dream home on the beach, there are some rules. Why? Because we came here wanting the experience of life on Earth. On Earth, rules are set in place so the whole thing functions correctly. Generally speaking, we need to work our magic within those rules.

You may have noticed some of them. For instance, no matter how much you want to fly, have faith you can, and take action like jumping off a cliff, you cannot override the rule of gravity. Nor the fact you don’t have the physical apparatus to achieve the goal. Why? You signed on the bottom line a contract saying you’d play by the rules of this place if you were going to visit. So, practice all you want, but do it keeping those rules in mind.

Natural & Supernatural Means

The natural means used in witchcraft are physical tools like herbs, candles, pendulums, cards, etc. But why use anything physical at all? Because it invokes liminal space, helps open channels of communication, and calls to the energies invested by our ancestors in those tools.

Liminal space is sacred space. When you create it, you can feel that the supernatural is part of what you are doing. It fosters gratitude and reverence for the magical act and the entities involved in it. If magic is your will combined with faith and action, then creating an atmosphere that helps strengthen your belief is warranted.

Physical items also open channels of communication because of what they symbolize. The tarot, for instance, is brimming with symbols that call to mind profound meaning. Spirits communicating with you can therefore bring up cards knowing that you interpret the symbols on them in a certain way. Thus a communication pathway is open for them to send a message.

Finally, many of the common items used in magic have been used since time immemorial. The collective consciousness has loaded them with energy and information. As your connection to those ancestors and energies increases through your “clairs” (extrasensory perceptions, i.e. clairvoyance or clairaudience), the items lend their powerful history to your spells.

The supernatural means used in magic craft include the transmutation or redirection of energy, and/or the interaction with and assistance of spirits. These are skills learned through the development of clairs. Clairs help you to extend your senses into the supernatural realms. With them, open communication and assistance from your spirit guides are achieved. The assistance of guides is critical for the development of your craft.

How to Get Started

If you feel witchcraft intrigues and excites you, how do you get started? I recommend reading my posts on Practicing in the Light, What Are the Clairs, and Opening Your Clairs. In addition, know that I often help new witches to get started by teaching tarot, pendulum, channeling, and the like, so feel free to contact me regarding setting up a trial class together. In addition, I have YouTube channels and esoteric schools in a list of recommended resources here.

May you be blessed in all you do ~ Lunita